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This site was started in early 2004 to offer advice for computers and printers. The site has been growing since, consisting now, with a wealth of information ranging from computer guides to unique printer information.

We have various sections on the site regarding computers and printers. Our main sections are outlined below for your convenience.

Main sections

  • Buying printers

  • Here you will find advice for buying printers. Laserjet? Inkjet? Find out what may suit you in this section.

  • Printer advice

  • Your source for printer tips, and advice on buying printers. This section focuses more on LaserJet printers.

  • Printer guides

  • My printer guides offer reviews with guides, such as installation tips to help the new user avoid known conflicts. This section focuses on the inkjets.

  • Printer repair

  • The printer repair section offers troubleshooting steps for the most popular computer peripheral.

  • Buy computers

  • This section offers guides on buying computers for first time buyers. The section also offers computer advice to help you make your own decisons, on what is best for your situation.

  • Upgrade computers

  • Learn how to upgrade your desktop with my annotated guides.

  • Computer tips

  • A popular section of my site offering windows related guides and general computer tips.

  • Desktop reviews

  • Offers overviews of desktop computers

  • Notebooks

  • This is my collection of reviews and guides on notebook computers.

  • PC Jargon

  • Computer dictionary for my site. This section explains all the terms I use on my site for your benefit.

  • Internet tips

  • Stay secure while online, offering tips and guides for the Internet

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Be sure to check out the site map at the bottom of this page. You can find all our computer and printer information here. People have sent us helpful articles, which have been placed here. I have also wrote other useful guides.

Feel free to submit a review, guide, or informative article to our site. All articles are reviewed in a timely fashion. Some examples of what I accept for publishing are, printer reviews, desktop reviews, and computer guides. If you have any suggestions for this site, feel free to drop me a mail. I am always looking to add quality content to the site.

Featured articles

  • Printer communication

  • This featured article explains printer communication, and gives possible soloutions.

  • Firewall
    With the internet becoming swarmed with scumware and viruses, let us introduce you to the firewall, and how it can protect you whilst online.

  • Submit an article
    If you have an original informative review, guide or educational article, feel free to post the article for inclusion on my site. If the article contains excellent quality and information, you may be on next months featured articles! I accept your own printer reviews, and personal computer reviews.

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    Thanks for your article on DeskJet resets. My DeskJet is working again. Thanks again, Gwinith.

    I was looking through your printer section and learnt how to install my printer correctly. My printer is acually working now, thanks man.

    David - USA

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